Up From the Depths: a Tour of book 1-6

In Book 1, Denial Measures, the reader is introduced to most of the primary characters, the locations that they’re at and what they do.

The focus is on ODA-141, the Outlaws and the SEALs of Shark Platoon. The book ends with both those units having encountered the infected and realizing what they’re up against. Also in Book 1, the characters of Frank Durst,(IT guy), John Stone, (Salvage Yard owner), John Mecceloni, (professional hitman), Sharon Wharton, (Frank Durst’s sister), Cassie, (the escort from Las Vegas), Arthur Higgins and Jack Larkin, (hotel employees in the UK), the crew of the SSGN Claggett and several ancillary characters being introduced.

In Book 2, Acceptable Losses, the reader is given a more in-depth look at other characters besides the Outlaws of ODA-141 and the SEALs of Shark Platoon.

The story opens with what’s happening in Tenino and to James Martin and his friends. We meet Michelle Jones, the former girlfriend to the mayor’s son. Rocky Marcone, the owner of a store in Tenino that Martin was shopping at in Book 1 when infection hit the small town, and more of the Z-Corps group.

Mecceloni and Cassie have left Las Vegas and are heading north. Durst, Stone and Sharon, Frank’s sister, are now heading for Stone’s salvage yard. Durst is having an issue with Stone’s actions but before he can express much more, the news shows that it wasn’t just their location that was having problems.

Shortly after that conversation, infected arrive at the salvage yard but so do Mecceloni and Cassie.

There is a follow up on Sergeant Hathaway from Book 1 and we now see what he’s been doing since then. New characters introduced are Jim ‘Jimbo’ Morrisey, his stepsister, Melody, and Warren Bergeron, all in Idaho Falls.

Jack Larkin in the UK has an encounter with an infected and he along with Arthur Higgins and Leesa Tobias realize that something is definitely wrong.

Nathan Conley and Robert Foster have words and the outcome is not pleasant.

The survivors from Joint Base Lewis/McChord have now reached Objective Green and are coordinating an evacuation of all remaining uninfected civilians.

A new faction is introduced that may have something to do with the release of the virus. This new group has commandeered a Continuity of Government (COG) site.

Larkin, Higgins, and Tobias make a decision to leave the hotel and head to someplace that may be more safe.

Ronald Chambers and Candace Reed are safe in Chambers’ home in Arizona where Chambers finds out more details about the virus from a friend.

Book 3, Collateral Damage,  opens with the SEALs from Shark Platoon looking at being stranded and potentially overrun by infected. They receive support from an unlikely source but at a cost.

The survivors from Idaho Falls have found a safe refuge for the time being and we get more background information on what the small unit that was with Hathaway went through when the infected swarmed the city.

We’re introduced to US. Navy captain Wallace Greerson and Task Force Paladin.

The small town of Tenino, WA is now a firebase informally known as Cascade. Martin, Marcone, and Michelle Jones have acclimated to the presence of what remains of 1st Special Forces Group. Colonel Carter and Martin work together to make the town safer.

President Wood safe at Site R, has to deal with a family issue and some startling new intelligence about who or what may have caused the outbreak.

Ronald Chambers and Candace Reed finally make contact with someone that is uninfected and get some surprise guests that literally drop in on them.

The SEALs of Shark Platoon get tasked to extract a high value person who may know something about the virus.

Larkin, Higgins and Tobias are now relatively safe at RMA Sandhurst. But Larkin gets picked for a mission outside the walls due to his knowledge of the surrounding area.

The events at the Dupont Federal Center coalesce into a hostile work environment for Captain Angelina Brandon and US Navy Commander Alan Keyes after a conversation with the DFC executive officer, Quintana.

Hathaway, Valdez, and Axtell arrive at the DFC.

The SEALs finally arrive at Nellis AFB and have an encounter with large number of infected that leaves them no alternative but to evade into the desert and seek sanctuary at an unlikely location.

Mecceloni, Stone, Durst, Sharon and Cassie have settled into life at Safeguard with its eccentric owner, Elwood St. John. They have an encounter in Clovis that shows them that not all the threats come from the infected.

Martin and the some of the civilian militia along with the survivors of ODA-141 engage infected at their forward operating base inside Capitol Forest.

Chambers researches into what might be reanimating the infected.

In Book 4, Movement to Contact, the readers learns what has happened inside the Dupont Federal Center (DFC) and there is some more background on what happened in Idaho Falls. A new character, Captain Angelina Brandon, is tossed into the mix when Sergeant Hathaway and Corporals Valdez and Axtell stumble upon something strange outside the DFC.

The Safeguard group gets to know each other a bit better following the events that happened in Book 3. One member of the group has some issues with what happened in Clovis and feels that they should have done more to help the citizens.

Peter Larkin, Leesa Tobias and Arthur Higgins settle in at Sandhurst. But all is not pleasant in the aftermath of an incursion by the infected.

Firebase Cascade sends the survivors of ODA-141 on a mission to find the source of the infection.

Hathaway, Axtell, Valdez and Brandon are now in the rural areas of Wyoming and facing winter with limited supplies.

Shark Platoon, now in the DARPA facility in the middle of the Nevada desert, receives orders to join up with other military units as the search for the source of the infection continues.

Jimbo, Melody, Berg and the Kennedy’s make an interesting discovery.

The book ends with a combined strike force of Rangers, ODA-141 and the SEALs of Shark Platoon enroute to their objective.

Book 5, Defilade, opens with the combined strike force of Rangers,ODA-141 and the SEALs of Shark Platoon having an issue with reaching their objective.
A new character introduced in Book 4, Captain Nathan Harris, of the 2/75 Rangers.
Reaching way back to Book 1, the reader finds out what happened to Sergeant Stanislaus Luzetski and the remaining team members of Sierra 3. Just what have they been up to all this time?
Doctor Ronald Chambers, now safe at a DARPA facility deep in the Nevada desert, makes a discovery about the virus.
The addition of other survivors in other locations is touched upon. One group in particular are in the Hawaiian Islands and come up with a plan to escape the island chain and head for the west coast using an unconventional method of travel.
Another group is introduced in the states and the reader learns what happened to them since the outbreak.
The book is broken down into different events occurring in different regions of the world depicting what’s happening at roughly the same time as the combined strike team is attempting to reach their mission objective and finally discover who is responsible for unleashing hell on the world.
Book 6, Secondary Objectives, TBA.
Book 7, TBD.