Understanding the world of Up From the Depths

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If you’ve read any of the excerpts posted on my blog about this series or read any of the books, then you know that there is no main character. What does that mean? In most books, there is one single character that the author/story focuses on. In the Up From the Depths series, there are main groups of characters that are focused on not just one single character and their adventures.

That’s one of the differences.

There are other differences as well. Within the series there are groups that are part of the overall storyline but will never meet due to their geographical differences. Not all characters/groups of characters will have a meet-up within the series. That might turn away a few readers.

Then there’s the abbreviations and terms.

Throughout the series, the story focuses on several military units within the United States. There is what I like to call ‘Mil-Speak’ used. Anyone who has spent time in the military knows that there are terms that become second nature to service personnel and are not usually known in the outside or civilian world. Terminology is used in all walks of life but more so in the military. Some readers might have an issue with this and some might not. There’s an attached Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations at the end of each book. Just in case you’re wondering, the glossary is only 1% of the overall books not 10% as a reader mentioned. Do the math please. Within the books themselves, an effort has been made to explain the terminology but in most cases, the explanation would take more than a few sentences to explain.

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I’m sure readers will take issue with not having a main character and most likely the amount of terms and abbreviations used within the series. It happens. If this is an issue, then please take advantage of the free preview offered at Amazon and read a little of each book before you purchase it. One could even go a step further and request the ebook or paperback through their local library. Most libraries offer Overdrive for ebook check outs. That way, you’re not spending money at all and you can probably read the entire series that way.

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Up From the Depths, as I’ve been told by several people, is not your average end of the world, zombie apocalypse series. Sure, there’s zombies, sure there’s weapons firing, zombies being slaughtered wholesale and survivors trying to deal with their changed reality while large quantities of raspberry meatloaf is being distributed to the immediate environment. But, that’s where the similarity stops.

A few authors I know have said that the books and overall storyline are more cerebral than other books/series out there. Maybe that’s true and maybe it isn’t. I will admit, the series is not your typical cardboard cutout characters saying clichéd dialogue in stereotypical scenes. An effort, a very strong effort, was made to prevent that and I can only hope that it actually occurred.

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If you’ve read any of my blog posts, you know that the series started out as one big ass book. When the decision was made to release the book, the size was an issue. No one really wants a book that is equal in size to War and Peace for an ebook. That meant cutting the one book into many pieces. That created 6 books with a potential for a few more. I say potential because there may be another book or two within the series.

That’s a big maybe so no one hold their breath on that.

With luck, readers and potential readers, will see this post and understand what they’re getting into.


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Book release schedule for 2016

As some of you know, the next 2 books in the series are scheduled for release in February and March of 2016.


Book 3 released January 4, 2016.



Book 4, Movement to Contact, is scheduled for release February 1, 2016.

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Book 5, Defilade, is scheduled for release March 7, 2016.

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Book 4 and 5 should be available soon for pre-order.


Book 6, Secondary Objectives, is still a work in progress at the time of this post and has no set release date. As more information becomes available, it will be updated. This book will not be released until it is a quality addition to the series. I will not rush it to publication.

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Here’s a little teaser from Book 4, Movement to Contact:


Mecceloni turned the corner and slowed to a stop. The street ahead was full of infected. He quickly looked around for an alternative route, mentally cursing himself for not having a street map of the area. He dropped the transmission into low gear and revved the engine.

“What are you doing?” Durst asked from the back seat before he looked out the front window.

“You’re fucking insane!”

“No. Not insane. Mentally unrestricted,” Mecceloni said, shifting into neutral, dropping the transmission into 4 wheel drive then shifted into drive, planting his foot to the floor.

Durst was pushed back as the Tahoe leapt forward with a surge of acceleration. The heavy duty suspension and grill guard plowed into the front of the infected horde, tossing aside and knocking over the first ranks before moving into the densely packed mass.

The Tahoe bounced like it was on an undead, gore splattered Baja off-road course as it ran over the infected that it knocked down. Mecceloni kept his foot down and steered for the smallest concentrations, plowing through and spraying blood, body parts and rotted flesh all over the truck, street and buildings. Paint the town red was a thought that came to his mind. He heard weapons fire over the scream of the engine and thud of bodies impacting. The Tahoe broke free of the swarm, dragging dismembered portions of the infected from its undercarriage and grill.

He turned on the wipers to clear the blood and gore from the windows but all that did was smear it in forcing him to slow down. Through the smeared windshield, he caught a glimpse of a tan vehicle.


Someone was leaning out the passenger side window firing a shotgun into the infected before ducking back inside. The military surplus SUV skidded over a couple of infected, jostling the occupants before executing a wild, tire smoking bootlegger turn and leading the Tahoe out of the city.



Here’s a little teaser from Book 5, Defilade:


“Captain, you do realize we crashed?” the Air Force senior officer asked sarcastically. “We are in no condition to complete anything.” he said. O’Toole turned to face the officer.

“Hey, air scout, I’m grateful you got us down more or less in one piece. We’re on the ground and you’re in my house now,” he said. “Once we landed, this became my operation and you now fall under my command,” O’Toole said.

“We’re not combat soldiers,” the pilot said.

“You have my sympathies,” O’Toole said. “Until we get these sleds loaded with mission critical gear, you’ve been drafted into the Army. You will follow orders and help us load equipment then you can fuck off to that Inuit village with the wounded.”