Book 2 Cover Image


It has been brought to my attention that the image used for Book #2 in the series is a copyrighted image. It belongs to a gentleman named Landon Steel who has formed, and works with many Veteran’s Suicide Awareness Groups.


I had located said image after doing a search for free images. Had I known at that time that the image belonged to Mr. Steele, I would have contacted him and requested permission to use it. The image has since been changed for Book #2.


I had no intention of ‘stealing’ said image. Had I known that the image was connected and copyrighted by Mr. Steele, accreditation would have been made as well as permission requested.


I have sent an apology to Mr. Steele for using the image and changed the image as I’m sure he does not want his visage connected to a fictional zombie apocalypse series.


Mr. Steele does an outstanding job bringing awareness to the general public about Veteran Suicide and I in no way intended to denigrate his work by using his image for my book.


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