Update on Book 6 in the series

cover for book6

As some of you know, the scheduled release for #6 was to be in the fall right around October 31st. That was the plan anyway. But, as we all know, plans don’t always hold up. The new release, tentatively, will be later in the fall/winter and quite possibly, Spring of 2017.

To the 3-4 readers who have read the series, this is a disappointment. The delay or push back with this book is due to a lot of issues regarding whether this will be the last book in the series or not. At this point in time, that option is wide open. If you’ll bear with me and wait a little longer, you’ll get your next fix in the Up From the Depths series.


6 thoughts on “Update on Book 6 in the series

  1. Your series is excellent, by far the best zombie/apocalyptic series I have read so far and I have read a lot of them. Hopefully the series continues but if not, thank you it was a great ride!!! Just remember “slow is smooth and smooth is fast”


  2. love the series. cant wait for 6. any idea when it will be. as former military myself i have to agree with you on authors doing their research.


  3. I am one of the 3-4 readers patiently waiting for book six. This series is incredible, so I send much encouragement (if it means anything) and applause to you to continue the series if only one more time!


  4. I am a formrer Marine Infantryman who voraciously devoured the first five books and cant wait for the next one keep pushing forward man and if taking longer means more books good to go with me .These books rock


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