Up From the Depths: the future


For those few of you who have read the series up to this point, you’re aware that there are a plethora of characters involved and literally scattered all over CONUS. Those characters, and in some cases, the groups they’re part of, each have their own story to tell.

Following the events of Book 6, I know, not a lot of you have had a chance to read 6 at this point, but there have been a few of you who were exposed to some paragraphs and chapter excerpts. So, following the events that take place in #6, here’s the issue:


Option One: the books continue like they are, lots of characters in different locations dealing with whatever is happening to them.


Option Two: the follow on books after 6 only tell the adventures of a single character/group. An example of this would be something like this: #7 tells the story of the events in and around Cascade. #8 tells the story of the events in and around the Safeguard group. #9 tells of something or someone else. #10, etc, etc. Then around book 12, all the stories merge again into a larger novel.


While Option Two would address the issues that some have with the massive amount of characters within this saga, it wouldn’t tell the story of the other characters/groups and their adventures that are happening concurrently.

If Option Two were to be exercised, then that means that books 7-11 could possibly be interpreted as stand alone stories that take place within the Up From the Depths Universe. That would be a very broad interpretation but some might see it in that manner.


Here’s what I need from you, the readers:

Decide what Option you’d like to read. Explain in as much detail why you feel the option you chose would be the best going forward with the series. Don’t provide a short sentence. Those entries will be tossed and deleted. I’m looking for detailed, articulate responses as to what and why the option you chose would be the best in your opinion for the series. Those responses can be sent to me via my Blog or if you’re a member of Zombiefiend, use the ‘Reply’ feature and post your response.


8 thoughts on “Up From the Depths: the future

  1. Outstanding series. Being a former team leader of ODA-164, it was a true pleasure to find the teams of 2nd Bn, 1st SFG(A) front and center in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. If you ever find yourself needing a beta reader, definitely keep me in mind.


  2. Books 1-5 were written given the premise of who would survive best. Your conclusion was former/current members of the military and preppers. This was a sound conclusion, and the many characters add depth and broadness to what is happening around the country. I am sick of writers that postulate some hamburger flipping, high school dropout becoming a survivor in an EMP or Z apocalypse. Stick to your current format it is a winner.


  3. Good ZA novels are few and far between, so please supply us with Book 6. I believe the future you see with books after 6 expanding individual story lines to be the way to go. More importantly, without a story to read the mind becomes numb to the greatness that was, so the greatest issue I see is resupply. I hope for relief soon, good well thought out resupply, allowing me to go foreward and complete my mission, and yours. The Rho books in science fiction did that, and are my friends. Don’t keep me waiting, be a friend.



  4. Initially, keeping track of all the characters was a pain because it was very confusing. However, the story isn’t about just one group of people but many, so focusing on just one group would cause me to wonder what was happening with all the characters. I would prefer that you kept with the same format. Much like Game of Thrones, there is too much happening to limit the story to just one group. When will book 6 be out?


  5. I really enjoy the series in the format it’s in now. I like the concurrent jumping between characters/groups at the same time. I say follow the old saying ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’ Really looking forward to book 6 & thanks for the realism ..as the above gentleman basically put it tired of apocalypse novels were nerdy, teen age kids turn into super warriors! They’d be the 1st to be eaten.


  6. I like the format u use now. If u write the next books dealing with just one group at a time then when u finish and bring them all together it will be hard to remember some of the group’s. I hate waiting for new books so I like to read about everyone in each book. I read a Lot so in between waiting on ur books I read other books so sometimes it had to remember who’s who when I go back to a series. Please let me know when ur next book will be out. If u need someone to proof read it, I’m ur girl. Love the series and hate waiting for the next one.


  7. Recently finished book 6 and what a great book it is. This is by far the best series i have read and am really excited to know there will be a book 7 and 8. Thank You for well thought out and exciting books keep up the good work you are a great author.


  8. Hey Chief Jackson,

    At least you are a Chief not a SCPO or an MCPO, Former Marine 0331 10 yrs Sergeant type 1 each, was a PMC for II MEF also for quite awhile.Hell I still live on Lejeune, My wife is a retired US Navy Corpsman, amd base SNCO housing is part of the retiree benies now, Im the only Jarhead in the family as well , all of them are squids to include my pop who is a retired Submariner CWO type. Enough about my crap tho.

    I have read all of Up from the depths twice and I love them . Best Z related fiction you can read if your into the military aspects which you can guess that I am. Thats saying a lot since Ive been reading a certain comic since I returned from the first push i,OIF in ’03 and I like your books more.

    Now for the part thats driving me absolutley Ape S$&t Chief, I have a very strong suspicion this CANNOT be of your doing and I think your editor screwed the pooch .I KNOW YOU know that Junior enlisted Marines dont shorten the ranks of Officers and SNCOs when addressing them, i.e. Calling Staff Sergeants “Staff” or just “Sergeant” . The army does but we dont, Lance Corporals are not called corporal yata yatta. Now I only ever served in Infantry Battalions and Line Companys within those battalions Wpns Plt ,Echo 2/2 and Wpns Plt Fox 2/8. Maybe its different in the non combat arms MOS’ units.Only time I have ever heard this is with the old man, battalion commader. The company skippers, Bn XO, and ocassionally the Battalion Sergeant Major if hes trying to get the BC’s attention specifically. Lord god many of the Section Leaders or Platoon Sergeants I had over me would have went F&$kin’ nuclear if I ever called them “Staff” let alone a demotion like calling them Sergeant.

    I know this sounds petty but the only reason I bring this up is for your benefit so that you crush whomever is responsible As I said above I think your editor boned you in book 6. I still absolutley love your work, I sat and anticipated the releases daily and still am for books 7 & 8. Not a day went by that I didnt sit and constantly look for the releases of them all online.

    Thank you for all that you have done and will do!




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