The Months of Madness October 23 – February 1

Now that the Months of Madness have concluded as of February 1, 2018, the time has come for feedback from you, the readers and fans of the series.


What would be great is if all you veteran readers, new fans of the series and others who stumbled upon Up From the Depths, would let me know if you thought the Months of Madness was a good thing as it introduced the series to potential new readers or a bad thing.


Here’s what I want to know:


Did the Months of Madness, the whole 99 Days at $.99 do anything for you?

Did you happen across the series because of this unusual promotion?

Is this type of promotion something that you’d like to see on an annual basis as in with the same time frame of the year or would you prefer to have this type of promo only run every couple of years so as to allow you to gather up any books you might have missed?


Let me know your thoughts on this or any other ideas for a promotion.


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