Up From the Depths timeline and development

Timeline of Up From the Depths


This is the timeline on how the series was created and its current status.


Viewed the original Dawn of the Dead, sometime in the 1990s


2004: Viewed the remake of Dawn of the Dead.

2004: Started work on the original concept of Up From the Depths.

2011: Finished the original story.

2011: Sent out to other authors for peer review. Accompanying the original was a series of short stories that fit within the UPFTD Universe but were not directly connected to the original storyline.

2012: Extensive rewrite of the original story to include the majority of the short stories into the main plot line.

2013: Summer: Released Book 1 Denial Measures, to Smashwords and Amazon’s Createspace.

2013: Shopped book and series to several publishers. A few false starts. Permuted Press expressed interest in the series but was going through a change of ownership.

2014: New owners of Permuted Press accepted Up From the Depths for publication.

2015: Permuted Press returned all rights after an internal restructuring.

2015: Up From the Depths to be released late summer/early fall 2015



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